GloKX is a platform to exchange your experiences related to sports activities at all destinations you can think of!

When we have lived, traveled, studied somewhere we become an expert to others. It can be difficult for them to access your experiences considering Google and the rest of the WWW. This platform gives all who do sports an easy route to personalized information without commercial interest of the other party. You can search on sports type or destination and you will find the expert you need.

Imagine to find an expert on running ultra-marathons in Peru or to get in contact with someone who traveled to your dream destination 3 months ago. And the other way around; this platform helps you to share your knowledge – such as the special sports event in the village you were born, your opinion on the most amazing triathlon in Europe or an incredible running event – with someone who is looking for just that information.

Find and share global knowledge.

About me

HungaryMy name is Annelies and I have started exchanging knowledge about 14 years ago when I was 15. I signed up for an international project at school and learned to work and interact with people from other countries. In the next years I grabbed the opportunity to study and work abroad. Sharing knowledge and experiences with so many different people from all over the world gave me surprising and enriching insights.

Since 2014 I am participating in triathlon races and I am running longer distances up to half a marathon (for now!). When looking for sports events abroad I find it difficult to choose since I know that some will fit me better than others. I hope this platform helps all to find the knowledge and experiences of others – whether it is related to getting settled in a new place to live, to enrich travel by a sports event or simply curiosity.

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